The Noble Team

Working together to better serve you.

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Sir J. A. Rivera-Ramos

Sole Proprietor, Artist and Designer

When I started my design company I knew I wanted to produce beautiful art pieces for my patrons and customers to enjoy in their everyday life.  Adding the philanthropic layer to the sale of our products truly tied it altogether for me, and with each sale I am able to make a difference in the lives of others and the world.


Lady Cherine

Jeweler and Design Partner

Cherine is an amazing jewelry designer and highly detail oriented.  Her handcraft and talents have added an amazing pillar to The Noble Line, and to our bespoke design brand, Rivera-Ramos Design for the Art of Living.


Lady Hillary

Owner of PaperHillary, Creator and Floral Design Partner

Founder and Creator of and UNRULY Collective, a multi-dimensional Art House and Music enterprise, Hillary Mégroz, is a self-taught paper artist and design professional living and operating in Brooklyn, NY.  

Best known for her paper perennials, Hillary’s custom handmade creations tailor individual experiences’ that literally last a lifetime! 

We are glad to offer her amazing craft and expertise in the creations we offer for purchase, formal commission, and/or weekly service commitments through The Noble Line.