Noble Crown Jewels

Fine hand-wired precious and semi-precious stones fit for a queen and her court!

Red Coral and Labradorite and Crystal
Natural and Shell Pearl Necklaces
Heavy statement piece shell pearl necklace
Natural pearls and Silver Crescent Pendant Necklace
Red Coral, Natural Pearl and Turquoise
Model wearing stunning shell pearl necklace
Deep Red Brazilian Rubies, Pearls and Onyx
Classic Natural White Pearls
Orange Hand-painted Valet Tray
Deep Red Rubies and Pearls
Large Shell Pearl Necklace
Ruby and Silver Cross Pendant Necklace
Hand-Painted Original Valet Tray
Hand Sculpted Bust Wearing Gold Cameo
Paper Flower Arrangement, Satin Silk and Baroque Pearls
Shell Pearl 'House of Stuart' Collection
Hand Sculpted Bust, Pearls, Silk and Wall Paper
'House of Medici' Hand-Painted Valet Tray with Framed Print
Bust Wrapped in Rivera-Ramos Satin Silk Shawl
'House of Tudor' Hand-wired Rubies and White Pearls

Our Jeweler Cherine

Cherine is originally from Egypt and has been developing her passion for hand-wire work and jewelry production for about 10 years. She is a master of detail and prefers working with precious and semi-precious stones, fine metals and leather.  Her work is a perfect match for our mission to provide our patrons with magnificent materials in the form of fine accessories.

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The Noble Jewelry Chest

Precious and Semi-Precious Collection of Noble Caliber


'House of Tudor' Black and White Shell Pearl Necklace

Outstanding Statement Piece


'House of Osman' Red Coral and Labradorite Necklace

Stunning Setting


'House of Alouette' Hand-Wired Freshwater Pearls

Simply Elegant