Embrace True Majesty, One Cause at a Time...


Fine home and fashion accessories, designed to benefit Noble Causes. I invite you to take this journey with me, and join the noble court of philanthropy, one piece at a time, with beautiful and unique designs all developed from my own hand-drawn and painted works.


The Noble Tale...

The Noble Line was established in the Spring of 2017 with a very important personal mission: to produce high quality, elegantly designed home and fashion accessories, inspired by my own artwork, while providing support to noble causes.

Establishing relationships between my patrons and "Noble Causes", is at the heart of my label. Shop 'The Noble Line' and know each piece you purchase is an individual badge of honor. Generous annual support from sales are granted to organizations and groups, so there is no guilt in looking your noblest every day of your life. 

Through Rivera-Ramos Design Studio and numerous design partnerships, we produce wallpaper, pillows and upholstery through special order, as well as silk scarves, pocket squares, jewelry, and valet trays.  I graciously look forward to your patronage and support.                


Nobly in Service,      

J. A. Rivera-Ramos

Artist, Designer and Founder


The Noble Products

by Rivera-Ramos, Design for the Art of Living

Generous percentages of all product sales go toward the 'Noble Causes' program. 

Your name and contribution will be included in the annual letter of support and thanks to these amazing organizations.

Products proudly hand-made in the US and England.


Noble Silks

Rivera-Ramos Silk Scarves and Pocket Squares

Multiple design motifs to choose from, with limited production of 6 per design. Each piece will be numbered and signed on the packaging with certification and personalized note from the designer.

Noble Wrapping Paper

Rivera-Ramos Design Collection...

All of my products are made from the finest luxury materials, printed from original hand drawn and painted works. Wrapping paper is available in multiple design options.

Signed and Numbered Framed Prints, and Note Card Box Sets

"House of Medici" Design Collection...

I am offering signed and numbered prints on premium German etching paper. Currently available in an 8" X 8" basic black metal frame, with the 'House of Medici' pattern, for a limited time. Prints will soon be available, through special order, in two different sizes with premium frames, your choice of Black, Silver or Gold.  Also consider the print as a boxed set of five high-grade note cards with lined envelopes, and self-adhesive insignia seals.


The Noble Causes

Through the sale of my products, generous on-going support will be provided to causes greater than ourselves, such as poverty relief and homelessness programs in the city of Paterson, NJ, including Eva's Village and the Paterson Youth-Build program; organizations committed to finding solutions to ecological and urban challenges, like the Cosanti Foundation and Arcosanti Urban Laboratory; Shelter Our Sisters, women and children's shelter for victims of domestic violence; and a number of other organizations and communities to which I am deeply committed.  

Paper Flower Creations, By Hillary Megroz of PaperHillary and Unruly Art Collective

Help support this very special Noble Cause. I have entered into collaboration with Hillary Megroz, of the Unruly Artist Collective in Brooklyn, and Cherine, our amazing jeweler to help raise funds and abuse awareness.

Hillary is responsible for the fantastic floral displays found alongside my products  throughout this website. I asked Hillary to translate the Noble Line collections into paper flower arrangements and greenery, and she truly captured and complemented my work.

Her paper floral's are not only gorgeous and superbly realistic, but are ultra-eco conscious and economic solutions that will maintain their beauty for years to come. We can put together any arrangement with you and will be offering a number of arrangements for purchase on this site. 

Thank you for supporting this vitally important Noble Cause and for purchasing our products.

Cosanti Foundation, Arcosanti Urban Laboratory

The Arcosanti Urban Laboratory, was founded in 1970 by my mentor and student of Frank Lloyd Wright, the late Paolo Soleri, of the Cosanti Foundation. This Urban Laboratory and Foundation, are important inspirations of my life's purpose and mission. 

I lived and worked at this Arcology for about two years, and hope to always assist in advancing the very noble mission of this project.

Eva's Village Special Programs and other Organizations of the City of Paterson, NJ

The City of Paterson will benefit in immediate ways, aside from the future sale of specially designated products.  Some light manufacturing, printing and finish work of my silk and textile products, will also be done there.  Support will go toward local ventures to secure prosperity and fulfillment of its people at present. 

Paterson, known as the "Silk City", and founded by the development of the American Industrial Revolution, under Alexander Hamilton, was the silk capital of the United States, similar to the city of Leon, France.  Unfortunately, Paterson suffered great challenges and many set backs, in the game of progress, when not only the silk industry, but most of the production of textiles left the city and our country.  There is a great deal of poverty and hopelessness there now, which is a breeding ground for crime and more poverty.  Many individuals are helping transform this reality there as best they can, but I believe a greater vision for a new future of hope and vibrancy is due.  I was born in the city of Paterson, at St. Joseph's Hospital, at the height of its plight, so through the Noble Causes program, I will attempt to assist and inspire in the process of reinventing its greatness, and reformulating its purpose.

Clay Horse


All handmade clay and ceramic pieces sold through this site will help provide support this organization, which is close to my heart and life experience.  Purchase one of our amazing clay creations and help children and families prevent cyclical abuse from occurring.

With the further development of my business we will add many more causes to benefit from the sale of my products. For now I encourage you all to help this cause, and provide me the opportunity to serve you all, and the Noble Causes above.

Joseph A. Rivera-Ramos, Designer and President

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Please feel free to reach out, I would be happy to hear from you.


Manhattan and Geneva, New York



Let us take it further...

Want Something Exclusively Designed For You?

Let me put together and embellish your wardrobes and interiors, with colors and designs exclusively made for you and your home and fashion accessories. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have, and set up a free hour consultation when you are ready.